Ceramic artist Cat Brown creates individually hand built stoneware ceramics, focusing on unique gifts, unusual tableware and home decorative art works. Made using traditional pottery hand building techniques without the use of a wheel or moulds and powered by 100% eco friendly green energy. Thoroughly routed in this ancient practise Cat's pieces combine with modern contemporary design, mixing beauty and function, drawing on nature and in some cases literally using it to construct her pieces.



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Handmade Ceramics by Cat Brown


Cat's Ceramics

Urchins and Spikes

Functional pieces with a sculptural twist? Sculptural pieces with a functional twist?


Either way, can functional wares be highly decorative sculptural artworks, what do you think? Our Woodland Collection of nature inspired bird bowl nests, tree trunk vases and flower (power) bowls go some way to exploring that very question.


The Wild Meadows range is deeply inspired by the beauty and fragility of nature. By impressing real plants and flowers into the clay they manage to leave their lasting impressions behind to be kept and cherished forever.


With Cat's signature technique of incorporating recycled glass, the crystal like pools of glass are heated in the kiln to vitirfy with the ceramic clay, creating lovely watercolour like puddles!


Wild Meadow

Seascapes are a joyous celebration of the natural sea flora and fauna that is to be found along the South Coast of England.


I scour the beach for interesting textures, finds and shapes and impress or sprig them into and onto the clay. Often some man made trinkets are found along the way and thrown in for good measure. After all we are part of nature too...


Individually handmade using the 'pinching' method Butterfly Cups are made to evoke memories of childhood and whimsy delight.


Recycled glass is pooled in the middle of the cups to show off it's natural jewel like colours.

Butterfly Cups