Cat's Ceramics..... Handmade Ceramics by Cat Brown

Cat's unique range of ceramics are handmade using ancient pottery hand building techniques and fired using 100% eco friendly green energy. Each piece is individually handmade in small batches and one off pieces, created without the use of a potter's wheel or moulds. They are built with function in mind with a sculptural twist and designed to last you a lifetime.

Deeply inspired by nature and the natural world, many of Cat's designs feature the imprints and textures of real plants and flowers, tree bark and shells. She like's to combine this love of nature with her passion for modern design to create unique and contemporary ceramics that unite the old with the new, that celebrate the beauty of things 'imperfect', relish the spontaneous and the individual touches, whilst incorporating eco friendly practises as much as possible.

A largely self taught artist and driven by an insatiable curiousness and desire for experimentation. Her range of ceramics has grown and developed over the years and Cat's Ceramics is now stocked in galleries and shops across the UK and abroad.
Her work has been featured in publications, blogs and online and she has recently collaborated with Anthropologie on a line of trinket dishes which are available to buy in the US and online.


Pieces are stoneware fired in an electric kiln (powered by 100% renewable energy) making them strong, durable, water tight and frost proof.

Construction methods encompass many ancient techniques such as modelling, slab work, coiling and pinching. Using very minimal tools and equipment. Pieces can take anything up to a month to create (sometimes longer depending on the piece) and then they are dried slowly for 1-2 weeks.

Once fully dried pieces are bisque fired to be ready for accepting glaze. Some pieces are only single fired, which saves energy but still produces a strong stoneware piece. Glazing is done in a variety of ways such as brush glazing, dipping, washes, hand painting etc. all done by hand and individually to each piece. Somewhat a signature to Cat's Ceramics - recycled glass is often used to decorate too!

When this is finished the glaze firing can be done, taking pieces upto 1300 degrees centigrade in a long slow kiln firing over 12 hours. The pieces get so hot the glaze becomes one with the ceramic piece through vitrification.

It is still another long 12 hours before the kiln is cool enough to take out the finish pottery. Ceramics really is all about patience....

Eco Ethical

Cat tries to make the most ecologically ethical choices in running her small creative buisness. As her work centers on reconnecting with the natural world, wherever possible the studio ethos is to reduce, reclaim, reuse and recycle.
Cat's dream is to be the most eco friendly ceramics studio and slowly but surely she is working her way towards that dream.

All the energy used at Cat's Ceramics (including kiln power) is from 100% green renewable and sustainable sources such as solar and wind power.

Our general studio practises encourages the reduction of unnecessary consumtption and we try our best to reduce any unesseary waste, instead reclaiming and reusing everything possible.

All glazes are lead free and non toxic and clay is from Stoke on Trent (The Potteries).

Packaging is reused and made from recycled materials, this includes our postal boxes, gift boxes and tissue paper used for our gift wrap.

Any companies used for supplies or used the services of are independent and local if possible and follow similar ethical practises as Cat's Creamics. Naturally we support independent UK businesses.

What others say...

"Oh, my goodness, Cat!! These are so beautiful, I LOVE them!! Thanks so much for making them for me...."

"Purchased 6 of these as wedding gifts... each one unique to the leaf used & for that reason they are perfect as individual gifts to close friends. A perfect gift for people who appreciate handmade items & quality ceramic work."

"I could not resist this beautiful dish, that now holds the jewelry I wear everyday. It is sturdy and yet delicate because of the glass accents and design. I love that Cat has pressed pieces from nature into the clay to add dimension. I couldn't be more thrilled to have this very special dish. Love it. Thank you so much, Cat."

"Such a beautiful item! You can tell the love and care which has gone into making it. It looks so pretty hanging by our window. Thank you so much! :)"

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